ACEVO Fellowship 2013 Profile: Anil Patil, Carers Worldwide

Anil Patil

After working in India with BasicNeeds ( Anil Patil asked himself the question : “How do carers survive in India?”. Being a carer himself (along with his wife Ruth) it was this question that saw the creation of charity Carers Worldwide.

Against all the odds Anil has doggedly and, with very little resources, travelled deep into the Indian rural heartland to carry out the work of the organisation.

Below, Anil discusses his work, his thoughts on receiving an ACEVO Fellowship and how the leadership development opportunities afforded to him will help Carers Worldwide in the future:

How does it feel to have been nominated for an ACEVO Fellowship?
I feel honoured and privileged to have been nominated and then selected as one of the five ACEVO fellows. It is also quite humbling to have been selected from amongst my peers for this recognition.

Were you aware that you were being nominated?
No, not at all! The email from Jenny Berry informing me that I had been selected came as a complete surprise!

Why do you think you were nominated?
I think my passion and commitment comes over strongly to other people. I am very single minded when it comes to fighting the cause of others, in my case, the issue of carers in developing countries, which nobody else has addressed in a strategic way up until now. This is an invisible issue in many ways and so I have had to be persistent and focussed in the face of countless challenges.

What do you think are your leadership strengths?
I am passionate and focussed and can inspire other people to become involved and give of their best. I can think laterally and strategically, coming at an issue from all directions in order to achieve the best outcomes for the vulnerable people we are working with.

How will the leadership development opportunities given to you as an ACEVO Fellow help you and your organisation going forward?

The training opportunities will enable me to reflect and focus on my leadership and learn new ways to broaden and deepen my skills. The chance to interact and learn from other more experienced leaders from the third sector will strengthen my understanding and ability to lead. This will impact directly on Carers Worldwide, as we are currently such a young organisation. The fellowship has come just at the time when we are looking to expand and upscale our work, a time when my leadership skills will be tested and stretched even more – the timing couldn’t be better!

To find out more about Carers Worldwide, please go to

Anil will be receiving his Leadership Development opportunities through The Leadership Trust, you can take a look at their upcoming courses and methods by going to

To find out more about the ACEVO Fellowship, email


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