Daniel BrookbankDaniel Brookbank joined ESAB as CEO in January 2011 and as with so many small charities ESAB was starting to feel the constriction from the economic slowdown, so when Daniel joined there were many complex and demanding challenges to be faced.

After implementing a new three year strategy, ESAB is now doing more than ever before to help its beneficiaries – and doing so on a sustainable and achievable budget.

Below, Daniel explains his leadership techniques and how gaining an ACEVO Fellowship will give him the opportunity to become an even more effective leader for the benefit of ESAB’s members:

How does it feel to have been nominated for an ACEVO Fellowship?
I am very proud to have won this fellowship. When I arrived at the charity it was in difficulties and I have done a lot of work to get it to the point that it is sustainable and financially sound. Our members benefit a great deal from the work we do and it would have been a great shame if it had ceased or cut front line services, to be able to get it to where it is today is wonderful. The fellowship is a great recognition of the work I have done.

Were you aware that you were being nominated?
No I was not, although I did forward the email about nominations to my Chairman!

Why do you think you were nominated?
I’m guessing that the Trustees wanted to recognise my work and abilities and to give me an opportunity for some more learning.

What do you think are your leadership strengths?
I believe that a team approach to a problem is the best way of solving it and I allow people to spread their wings and take on responsibility and ownership of their work. I am seen everywhere and I make time for even the smallest group or project to give support and guidance. Whilst a big picture is vital, the small things make a great deal of difference too. I am an eternal optimist so eventually everything comes out with a positive result!

How will the leadership development opportunities given to you as an ACEVO Fellow help you and your organisation going forward?
I am hoping that the training will identify areas of learning for me and help me to be more outward thinking and strategic. It is very easy to get insular about the organisation and I want to be able to look at the bigger picture. I am also not good at networking and would like to further my skills there. All of this will enable me to better the work that ESAB does and help to make it a more productive and positive place to work for the staff and volunteers and have greater impact on our members.

To find out more about The East Sussex Association of Blind & Partially Sighted People, go to

Daniel will be receiving his Leadership Development opportunities through The Leadership Trust, you can take a look at their upcoming courses and methods by going to

To find out more about the ACEVO Fellowship, email

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