Insuring a charity fundraising event: What CEOs need to know

A well-organised fundraising event should have everything in place to avoid accidents and injuries. But if the worse should happen, you’ll want to make sure you’re adequately insured. Mike Rush, Head of Charity at specialist charity insurance broker, Towergate Insurance, suggests four key questions that will help you get the right cover with the least stress.

When your charity is running a fundraising event, however big or small, having the right insurance in place is vital. Your charity and its trustees have a duty of care to its employees, volunteers, participants and members of the public. Different rules apply depending on the type of event and who’s involved, so it’s important to make sure you’re clear on the details of your policy – and your suppliers. Here are four key things to consider:

1) Have you checked the terms of your insurance policy for this specific event? Many insurance policies will automatically provide public and product liability cover for a range of fundraising events. But some won’t cover certain activities automatically. You might need to provide extra information regarding scope, size, scale and capacity or get additional insurance. Check the limits of your policy and speak to your broker or insurer if you have any questions or concerns. Don’t assume you are covered – check!

2) Are you using any third party contractors to run the event? Find out whether they have the appropriate amount of public liability insurance, as this will affect whether you’re covered by your own insurance policy. If their public liability limit is lower than yours, ask them to increase it to a level equal, or higher, to your own. If they don’t, your cover may be reduced to their lower limit (for that particular activity). Again, if in doubt check with your broker or insurer.

3) Have you been asked to sign agreements or contracts? You’ll need to check if these affect your legal position with regard to your charity’s liability. Talk to your broker or insurer about this. Pay particular attention to any agreements that relate to hiring equipment. You’ll need to understand what you could be liable for if someone was injured, or there was any damage, breakdowns or maintenance work needed.

4) Have you considered all your risk management obligations? Event activities tend to be classed as ‘work-related’ or ‘working activities’. They are subject to the usual health and safety rules. Some insurers provide charities with an online risk support service that includes information on health and safety, HR and up-to-date legislation. Or you can visit the Fundraising Regulator’s website for guidance.

To find out more, talk to one of Towergate’s specialists on 01438 739741 or email If you have a policy with Towergate and want to check what it covers ahead of a fundraising event, simply e-mail with your reference number and details of your enquiry.


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