2018 blog highlights

In 2018 we published 51 blogs covering everything from digital strategies to mental health advice. Here are some of the highlights.

As technology is ever evolving, digital has been a key concern for charity leaders in 2018 (and it will continue to be in 2019). Although the word ‘digital’ can sound quite elusive, we’ve published some great practical advice from experts to make it much more tangible. Earlier in the year, Jonathan Levy explained what the digital revolution means for the third sector and, more recently, Gillian Murray talked about how can you take forward the Charity Digital Code of Practice.

Some of the blogs looked at digital through leadership lens: Ann Longley compiled a list of five ways that CEOs can create digitally savvy leadership teams  (including examples of best practice work) and Ellie Hale shared four key learnings that the recipients from the CAST Digital Fellowship have taken into their day to day work. And what about trustees? Menai Owen-Jones reflected on the theme and offered insight on how trustees can become digital enablers.

Trust was also an ongoing subject this year. Back in July, the Charity Commission published its report into public trust in the charity sector. We reflected on the findings and asked how we can break the cycle and move the conversation forward. Employment laws experts Elis Whittam contributed to the subject with blogs about dealing with whistleblowing and taking safeguarding seriously.

Another theme explored on the blog was mental health. Hannah Massarella wrote about managing stress as charity CEO, and highlighted that cumulative stress is different from short-term stress. Cumulative stress ‘has a huge impact on our bodies, our behaviour, our productivity and our relationships’. David Smith, writing about mental health in the workplace, completes: ‘the workplace has been one of the last bastions of taboo and stigma to open up to talking about, recognising, supporting and encouraging conversations about mental health.’

We are looking forward to continuing to explore these themes on the blog in 2019. If you have any suggestions of subjects you’d like to see covered here or if you’d like to write a blog for us, get in touch!

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