A Poem written for the inaugural national ‘love a lawyer’ day.


A poem crafted by Simon Lee, Associate at Hempsons


Some say solicitors are selfish, money-grabbing swine.
I say “We’re not like that!” (all the time).
Some say we use Latin and obscure-sounding words,
But to label lawyers vexatious verbalists is an assertion quite absurd
And I must refute it.
Though it’s true that some need no second invitation
To draft clauses without punctuation
For the sake of clarity
And legality.
Some lawyers love to litigate; some lawyers love to fight.
You may not know it, but a lawyer’s always right
-ing letters and bills,
Seeking legal-eagle thrills;
Soliciting statutory serendipity
Whilst also drafting wills.
So please remember that today is the inaugural national
‘Love A Lawyer’ day:
Lawyers, love a lawyer for lawyers need loving too;
Please don’t hurt a lawyer for we have feelings too.
We’re not just toys you can play with, then discard.
Lawyers, love a lawyer. Is it really that hard?
We are human, it’s true.
If you cut us, we bleed
Need us.
Please please us.
Don’t leave us.
Lawyers, love a lawyer for lawyers need loving too.
Please just love a lawyer – just see what we can do
With a friendly wave and a friendly smile,
Always running the extra mile,
We come in different shapes and sizes
Full of fun and nice surprises
Please love a lawyer ‘cos that’s what I…

… is.

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