Why Mediate?

Issues of conflict and disagreement can often go unchallenged at home and in the workplace.  When left to fester, these feelings can lead to long term upset and disruption.

Mediation offers a solution for those experiencing such difficulties, a solution that is inclusive and both time and cost effective.

Mediation involves those directly affected by a dispute.  Mediators will facilitate a safe environment for individuals to express their fears and concerns; at first individually and later in confidence with others involved in the dispute.  By creating this safe environment and by allowing individuals to speak openly, core issues are addressed and an agreed pathway forward can be achieved.

The manager of two colleagues who recently undertook mediation to address a long-standing workplace issue said:

There used to be a real atmosphere in the office that was affecting not only the two people involved, but all the rest of the team too.  I really thought that the only way forward would be for one or the other to move teams, and the prospect of the disruption that would entail was awful.  Mediation really helped.  I’m not saying they’re ever going to be best friends, but they have resolved to be professional towards each other and the whole atmosphere within the office has just lifted so much.  I’d certainly use mediation again.”

That sums up mediation; it’s not about apportioning blame, or making people be “best friends”, it’s about creating an environment where individuals can resolve their differences and move forward positively.  For everyone’s benefit.

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