ACEVO GUEST BLOG – Is it time to invest your time and energy into Energy?

Helen O'Brien - Energycentric
Helen O’Brien – Energycentric

In these uncertain and expensive times, cost efficiency is an unmitigated necessity for any business. Charitable organisations, more than most, need to see a maximum return for every single penny invested in consumables and commodities alike.

With rising fuel prices across all sectors, is now the time to reassess how your charity spends its own resources on energy?

The UK Energy market is supplied by fuels sourced from overseas in bulk, then distributed by both major and independent UK based energy suppliers. However, this entire process is dependant on external factors happening worldwide. Volatile conditions in far away continents have an immediate effect on the prices we pay for our energy in the UK.

At present, the ongoing conflict between Russia and The Ukraine is causing uncertainty within the global energy markets. This, coupled with the ongoing struggles in the oil rich Middle East act as a catalyst to rising fuel prices in the UK. To give you an idea of how important these particular areas are, Russia alone supplies over a third of the energy used by the entire European continent. As a charity, ameliorating losses and finding ways to retain cost efficiency is paramount to a successful bottom line.

While the above may be a simplified synopsis of actual events, even the least savvy amongst us will have some idea that reduced supply leads to rising costs, which is usually a fair indicator of upcoming price hikes for the consumer.

At ACEVO we appreciate that as a charity cost efficiency and long term spend projections are very important to your organisation. With this in mind we firmly believe that companies should not delay in exploring the benefits of the ACEVO Energy Basket. Now is not the time to wait until current contracts expire, and we would recommend that charities should adopt an attitude based entirely on risk vs certainty.

So, given the facts above, just how does your charity make decisions about when and where to buy your gas and electric contracts in these difficult and volatile financial times?

“We’ve created the ACEVO Energy Basket to help our members cut energy costs and manage their energy usage in a sustainable way.”  Sir Stephen Bubb, CEO ACEVO

The Energy Basket works in a unique way that offers a highly competitive group priced gas and/or electric contract for ACEVO member organisations, regardless of size.

Benefits include:

  • Flexible joining before, during and after the term
  • Group procurement strategy with sustainable options
  • Bill Validation
  • Electronic paperless billing and flexible payment options
  • Bespoke metering solutions including AMR installation for all electric contracts
  • Energy management and efficiency advice
  • Discounted Boiler Care packages
  • Discounted Cost Recovery service

Joining the ACEVO Energy Basket scheme eliminates the need for your charity to worry about these decisions going forward as you will have Energycentric Corporate making them for you. This will give you budget certainty at all times.

A free, without obligation comparison is available at or find out more here.

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