Ruth Wells How does it feel to have been nominated for an ACEVO Fellowship?

It is completely overwhelming to have been nominated and I am very grateful to my  colleagues and board members for their belief in me.

 Were you aware that you were being nominated?

I was informed by the colleague that nominated me that she had done so but she  didn’t tell me what she had written.

 Why do you think you were nominated?

I am in a particularly challenging role in an organisation experiencing change and  this has led me to work even harder than my colleagues in other organisations. I  think I was nominated because my commitment was recognised and individuals wanted to show their appreciation. I believe the individual who nominated me has worked for many other Chief Executive Officers and felt that she had the experience to be able to compare me.

What do you think are your leadership strengths?

I am a communicator with conflict resolution skills. I embrace change. I am creative, resilient and very good at developing partnership and networking.

How will the leadership development opportunities given to you as an ACEVO Fellow help you and your organisation going forward?

I anticipate that the training will improve my leadership and management skills. I have no formal leadership or management training having never worked for an organisation that could afford to invest in me in this way. Everything I have learnt has been from observing great leadership in other people, reading books and articles and a process of learning from my mistakes. If I am a better leader and manager then I will be able to lead Mind in Exeter and East Devon through a change process towards a stronger financial future with a wider range of innovative services of high quality.

To find out more about Mind Exeter and East Devon go to

Ruth will be receiving her Leadership Development opportunities through The Leadership Trust, you can take a look at their upcoming courses and methods by going to

To find out more about the ACEVO Fellowship, email

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